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Our people are the key to our success and as a result, we place a large focus on the development of their strengths.

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We are always interested in hearing from talented people who are keen to join our team.

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  • When did you join the team?

    I joined BMW Group Financial Services on February 10th 2003.

    What has your career journey looked like at BMW Financial Services so far?

    With my Software Engineering background I started in IT as a developer and focused on developing my knowledge of both systems and the business. This allowed me to take the opportunity to move into to the role of Application Development Manager and then the Head of IT. With the system, process and business knowledge I had built up over a number of years I then had the opportunity to move into business and apply that knowledge in my current role as Head of Regional Services Center.

    What do you enjoy most about working for BMW Financial Services?

    From a professional perspective the opportunities at BMW Financial Services are great with a large focus on people and promotion from within.

    On a personal note the people here are great and whilst we strive to achieve and exceed targets there is always a focus on having fun at the same time. E.g. I’m currently ranked in the top 5 in the BTTA (BMW Table Tennis Association) and look forward to being No.1 by the end of the year.

    What three words do you think sum up working at BMW Financial Services?


    • • Excellence
    • • Passion
    • • Fun


  • When did you join the team?

    I was lucky enough to join the team at BMW Financial Services over 10 years ago back in March 2004 initially as a trainee within the Operations area.

    What has your career journey looked like at BMW Financial Services so far?

    To say that my time at BMW Financial Services has been full of opportunities is an understatement, given the exposure to many different areas of the business I have been fortunate to have over the years.

    Since coming into the company on a Trainee program within the Settlements department in Operations, I have had the opportunity to work across the Finance area as a Financial Analyst and Risk Analyst, before moving into a managerial position within Risk Management and finally having the privilege of leading the company in my current role as Chief Risk Officer.

    What do you enjoy most about working here?

    The chance to be part of an amazing time of change for our business becoming the Regional Services Centre for Australia – Pacific region and having the chance to shape what our business looks like. Having so many different countries under the one roof in our Regional Services Centre definitely makes it such an experience coming to work every day to soak in the unique qualities of every culture.

    How would you describe the culture at BMW Financial Services?

    Having the opportunity to be part of such a prestigious global brand definitely brings with it a proud culture, but the true uniqueness of working in the Australian market is having this global presence while still feeling like being part of a family. When I started over 10 years ago, there were only about 60 employees in the company many of whom are still here today enjoying being part of such a successful growing company.

  • When did you join the team?

    I joined the team in March, 2011.

    What has your career journey looked like at BMW Financial Services so far?

    I started my BMW Financial Services career in our Customer Interaction Team, and then I moved in to the Customer Service team. Currently I am working in Commercial Finance and to date, my journey here has been very rewarding both personally and professionally. I have been very fortunate to be given so many opportunities at every stage of my career and helping me grow and continue to identify my full potential.

    What do you enjoy most about working here?

    The greatest experience for me so far has been getting to know the fantastic people in the Financial Services team. We have so many people from all over the world which makes the working environment so dynamic and culturally rich. At BMW Finance, your career is not only limited to the Australian market, being a global organization, there are great opportunities to work in so many exciting markets around the world. Last, but certainly not least, how can I not mention the AWESOME cars we get to drive! The ‘Drive’ programs which let us take a new BMW vehicle home is a great tangible reminder of the innovative organization we work for.

    What advice would you give someone about to start working at BMW Financial Services?

    For someone about to start at BMW Financial Services I would say this; Be open to change, be open to growth, be open to meeting new people and be true to who you are because your individuality will be celebrated.

  • When did you join the team?

    I started at BMW Financial Services in April 2007.

    What has your career journey looked like at BMW Financial Services so far?

    My journey started in the best department ever...COMMERCIAL FINANCE. I started as the Alphera Team Leader and in 2009 I was made Team Leader of Alphera & BMW. In 2012 I was privileged to be offered the Manager of Commercial Finance and was so glad to see my hard work, dedication and commitment was acknowledged. This was a big challenge that I was completely ready for and so excited to take on. What stands out for me during my time here is that I work with genuine good hearted people, who work hard, are committed and will go over and above to get the job done. In my 8 years at BMW I have had 2 kids and they have not only been supportive but given me the flexibility to be a mother with a successful career.

    What do you enjoy most about working here?

    The people!! Let’s not forget to mention I get to drive....The Ultimate driving machine..a BMW!!!!

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